January 8, 2005

The Cav Blog: Get REAL

My posing from The Cav Blog...

Fans of
reality TV know politics play a huge part shows like "Survivor," "The Apprentice," and to a lesser degree in shows like "The Real World" and "American Idol."

However this year producers weary of creating
instant celebrities that overshadow their shows, i. e. Darva Conger ("Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire"); Evan Marriott ("Joe Millionaire"); and Omarosa ("The Apprentice" season 1), began shifting focus.
  • Spain's version of "Big Brother" has housemates memorizing the 325-page Eupoean Union Constitution and explaining it to an elderly Polish woman.
  • Showtime brought us average citizens competing for the chance to run for president in "American Candidate."
  • An Israeli TV station is producing "The Ambassador,"where contestants will vie for the opportunity to travel the world salvaging Israel's ravaged image.
  • Iraq's al Sharqiya television airs "Labor and Materials." Former Baathists rebuild war damaged housing and supply new furniture donated by viewers as part of their zakat or one-fifth of the income Muslims give to charity.

However those craving real political machinations and integrity; triumphs and tears; ceremony and informality; have one network with three branches devoted to satisfying us.

  • C-SPAN covers the House of Representatives
  • C-SPAN2 covers the Senate
  • C-SPAN3, a digital cable network, covers national events and extended history programming.

You won't see Senators Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton swap families or remodel each other's family room. But you will see that soldier confronting Rumsfeld about scavenging for armor, the 9/11 Commission, and Jon Stewart waxing poetically about fake news.