January 8, 2007

Hot Links

I decided to update my journalism links after I clicked on three or four and found they no longer existed.

I also added links/labels/keywords (or whatever you call them) to bottom of most of my blog posts. They should offer perspective on whatever I'm posting. However, I don't know what label this post would have ...

January 5, 2007

The Sun also Rises

It must be an interesting time to be on staff at The Sun.

The editor, Jack "Miles" Ventiglia, has covered the scandal at JCCC and has even written some of the pieces himself. Meanwhile, Steve Rose, a self-proclaimed FOC (Friend of Carlsen), works to protect the status quo.

The same week The PITCH featured me in an article, The Sun nominated me for its annual Johnson Countian of the Year award. Well, they also nominated Chuck Carlsen, and Elaine Perilla ...

Here is part the article:
President Charles Carlsen's 25 years of stellar service to Johnson County Community College and to the community made him a likely candidate to start the year for positive reasons, and the months of unexpected headlines that followed kept him in consideration.

The public just did not expect a man of Carlsen's academic credentials and community stature to become the target of several sexual harassment allegations. Neither did the public seem prepared for how some college board members handled the initial allegation.

Even so, more than a dozen county leaders came out in a public letter in November saying, in essence, that the college needs to move on.

Two others persons related to the scandal also received consideration for Johnson Countian of the Year - Miguel Morales and Elaine Perilla. Morales received consideration because, as a student journalist at the college, he broke the original allegation story. Perilla received consideration because she knew allegedly about the original allegation, but did not tell other board members.
This week, The Sun also ran a week-by-week review of 2006 news. A few bulleted points mention The Ledger and me specifically.

It may not be a full on Smackdown, but what I read tells me there's something happening at The Sun.

January 2, 2007

Mr. Morales Goes to Washington

I've been accepted into the National Press Foundation's An Introduction to Washington for College Journalists program Jan 25-28. I'm eager to learn how to better link national issues to my campus and local area.

Last October, I attended the NFP's Opening Washington's File Cabinet session at the ACP conference in St. Louis. I had heard about that session and knew it was only open to professionals. So when I heard they were adapting it for students, I jumped at the chance.

Now for this program, we're supposed to visit the Pentagon. I don't think I'll get the security clearance since I have an arrest for Civil Disobedience from a protest I attended at the White House a few years back.

I'm not much for sightseeing. However, I want to visit the Newseum and the Student Press Law Center. I should try to take advantage of the visit and grab a few interviews for a few freelance articles or content for The Lexicon.