October 27, 2005

TIME OUT: Doing the Blog

For those who attended the blogging session at the Associated Collegiate Press & College Media Adviser conference in Kansas City, Mo., here are the sites I mentioned in my presentation.

Steve Buttry's "Training Tracks," originated on the No Train, No Gain website. Now his blog comes from the American Press Institute (API) website and is mirrored on NTGNG, which also houses the archives. Steve welcomes e-mail from student journalists and compiled a list of newscoaches across the country willing to visit college newsrooms. For the CD ROM, Steve will send a disk of his handouts, which I've used in my newsroom and as a freelance journalist for The Kansas City Star.

Speaking of API, its Media Center Blog, morph, offers insight on convergence, new media and seeks innovation in storytelling. It strives to create a forum for guest bloggers.

One of my favorites simply because of the name is Grumpy Old Editor from the Observer-Reporter (Washington, Penn.) Grump A.K.A. Park Burroughs, offers insight into the reporting and editing process while combining the infamous quality editors have in excess. Student grumps will admire his random complaint in The Day's Gripe.
Read freelance journalist Bob Baker's experiment in using blog-style in print as he profiled a blogger.

Copy Editors, or those who want to understand them, should visit Testy Copy Editor. Most of the discussion takes place on the site's message boards because most of the copy editors hate that journalists abandon style and grammar when blogging.

The largest list of journalism blogs comes from CyberJournalist.Net. The list contains ongoing and limited blogs from news sites as well as journalists' personal and professional blogs.

Of course, check out my Journalism Links on the right side of this page for other journalism sites that have created blogs and pod ... er ... nanocasting.

Also feel free to e-mail me about a specific issue and I'll devote a TIME OUT topic to it.