April 20, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Chuck gets Chucked

This message was sent on the college listserve this evening:
From: InfoList
Sent: Thu 20-Apr-06 7:12 PM
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Subject: Announcement

April 20, 2006
Tonight the Johnson County Community College board of trustees met in special session regarding the letter below. The trustees accepted Dr. Carlsen’s request for immediate voluntary retirement.

Ms. Elaine Perilla
Chair Board of Trustees of the Johnson County Community College
12345 College Boulevard
Overland Park, KS 66210
Dear Elaine:
I am writing to advise you that I am taking voluntary retirement from my employment as president of the college. For the reasons described in this letter, I ask that the board of trustees make my retirement immediately effective pursuant to Section 417.01.0 of the Personnel Policies of the college.
The past two weeks have been difficult ones. On the one hand, I have a strong desire to establish what those who know me already know to be true: I have done nothing wrong. On the other hand, however, I have been pained to see the college distracted by issues that have nothing to do with its educational mission. My paramount concern now, as always, is that the college be able to continue to serve this community and provide outstanding educational opportunities for its students.
As I have talked to members of my family, I have also taken into account considerations relating to my health. I have had two heart attacks, an angioplasty, and quintuple bypass surgery. It is apparent to me from the stress of the last two weeks that immediate retirement is the appropriate step to take.
I am deeply honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the Johnson County Community College as its president for more than twenty-five years. I was privileged to work with trustees, administrators, students, and faculty and staff members who rendered wonderful service to the college over many years. I am profoundly grateful for the many members of this community who during my tenure as president rendered volunteer service to the college, made a donation to the college foundation, or simply served as one of the many vocal supporters of this institution.
While I will no longer serve as its president, please be assured that my love for the Johnson County Community College, and my commitment to its mission, will remain as strong as ever.


Charles J. Carlsen