May 14, 2006


I'm preparing for my trip to Cleveland for the AP's week-long Diverse Voices workshop. This is a great opportunity but I have several problems with leaving Kansas City right now.
  • It's finals week.
  • I'll miss two Board of Trustees meetings. The first addresses selecting an interim college president. The second addresses rescinding the resignation of the vice president of Student Services.
  • I have to leave the newsroom before everyone else. I don't get to say the big goodbye to several staffers.
  • I lose a week of work at the library in addition to the work lost between semesters.
  • I gave up key freelance work because working from Cleveland without a laptop will be impossible.

Again, I'm excited about the trip but I had to go buy some reporter clothes. I hate shopping. I usually just wear jeans and a shirt. But I need to start dressing like a reporter. It's funny because when I was a migrant farm worker, I always wanted a job where I could wear a tie.