March 31, 2009

INFOLIST: End of Late Registration Explained

Posted on the college electronic mail server, infolist:
Will late enrollment be allowed in the fall?
No. Beginning with the fall 2009 semester, students who wish to enroll in a course must do so before the first day the course meets. Students may not enroll on or after the first day a course begins, regardless of what time of day the class meets. No late enrollment will be allowed
Will I be able to add a class?
Once the fall 2009 semester begins, you will not be able to add to your schedule a class that has already begun. You will, however, be able to add a class that begins later in the semester.
If I can’t enroll late, what should I do?
Enroll early! Enrolling early means you will get the best schedule and the best instructor match, and you’ll be in class on the first day. Research shows that students who enroll after a class has already started usually don’t perform well in that course. By enrolling early, you’ll be positioned for a positive start to the semester.
What if I can’t enroll early?
JCCC offers many courses that begin later in the semester. You can enroll in a late-start course and be there the first day of class. To search for classes that have not yet begun, select the “Late Start” tab on the Credit Class Search on the JCCC website.