April 3, 2013

day off | National Poetry Month

I’ll rise early upon the morn,
strip the sheets from my tranquil bed,
take them down to the basement
to the wash.

I'll gather the hanging clothes
off the treadmill,
plug it in, and exercise.

You know, because once I start doing it, I feel better.

After, I'll have a breakfast
of warm oatmeal and whole grain toast.
Then, with sheets in the dryer,
I'll start a load of towels.

While I'm in the basement,
I'll clean my workspace and desk
and sort through all the materials
I brought back from the conference.

I already threw away the junky stuff,
this is the really important stuff I need to read.
And I can use this bag again. It’s cloth and I could take it to the farmer’s market
and buy fresh … I don’t know what they sell ... but I should go ... this weekend.

Coupons will be organized.
Old pens and batteries discarded.
The stairs will be swept
and I'll make a healthy grocery list.

The refrigerator will shine, inside and out.
Paper towels and toilet paper
will fit comfortably in their holders.

Seriously, why am I the only one who changes these things?
I mean, he see it right there. If you’re gonna open a new pack,
just put it on the roller thing, right?
And throw away the empty roll.
Hello? Is that so hard?

I'll have a nice salad for lunch.

I really do like salad but I have to have put extra stuff in it.
It’s gotta have walnuts and maybe some apple.  I can’t just eat lettuce by itself.

On my way to the grocery store,
I'll stop to wash the car and run by the bank.

Dammit, I have all those boxes in the trunk.
Those two bags in the back seat have to go to Goodwill.
That other stuff needs to go to the basement...

Ugh! Are you kidding me?
I'm gonna spend my whole day off in the basement?

No, no, no.
That's what the weekend is for.
It's my day off. I'm going to a movie.
And I’m gonna see a movie that I want to see.

Uh, but I have to get the oil changed,
oh, and the wiper blades too.
God, I hate those blades.

Oh wait …
Crapity-crap. I can’t do any of that stuff.
I have to go to that thing.
I promised I’d go to that stupid thing.

Upon day’s end, I’ll retire to my welcoming bed
knowing I shall rest comfortably and safely
amongst the thoughts of my loving family and friends.

Then I go back to work the next day
and see all those people with their faces.

But I do have two sick days left …