April 21, 2014

His Mother Didn't Need a Man

You say his mother didn’t need a man
and now he doesn’t know how to be one
all because he wears skinny jeans
and arches his eyebrows.

You blame his white faggotry
on his brown mother because
a woman should only birth
boy babies -- not raise them.

Since his mother didn't need a man,
he doesn't buy into all that
masculine bullshit about
what it means to be one.

Like his mother he’s not afraid
to show his vulnerability
or to temper his rage with wisdom.

Purpose comes from seeing her work
two jobs and feeling her love twice as much.
She’s the only model he wants to emulate.

He knows her happiness doesn’t come from
needing someone to validate her life
but rather from the strength
of being herself.

No, his mother didn't need a man
and neither does he.