June 12, 2017

Don’t Call It an Anniversary

Miguel M. Morales

Anniversaries celebrate our best moments
like weddings and first dates.
They recall our special connections from 
first kiss to the day we met our best friend.

There will be no anniversary toasts to the 
discriminate massacre of 49 people. 
No specially compiled playlist or 
dancing for the injuries of 53 more. 

There will be no surprise parties 
for grieving families and friends.
No dinners will celebrate the sustained 
pulsing pain of brown and black queers.

We will sign no cards with images of cakes 
on the cover and scripted writing inside
nor will we exchange wrapped gifts 
while searching for the nearest exit.

Anniversaries celebrate our best moments. 
Many followed in the aftermath. 
We will applaud and embrace them
in the days and months to come.

But for today, just for today, 
don’t call it an anniversary.