June 25, 2007

COMMENTARY: What's in a Name?

College names office after software company in exchange for free upgrade

Walking on the Ledge:
$50,000 can buy a really nice car,
a really bad house,
or it can buy immortality

by Miguel M. Morales

Trustees at Johnson County Community College in Overland P
ark, Kan. voted to adopt two new names for rooms on campus June 21.

Trustees named one of those rooms, a new campus scheduling offices in the new Regnier Center for Technology and Business, the Ad Astra Scheduling Suite.

The college currently uses Ad Astra’s software to schedule classrooms, meeting rooms and public spaces. In exchange for the naming of the office, the company agreed to “gift” an upgrade to its system, Platinum Analytics, a $50,000 value.

“The Ad Astra Scheduling Suite is a wonderful addition to our new, high-technology Regnier Center,” said Lin Knudson, dean, Continuing Education and Community Services. “We appreciate the long-standing relationship we have with Ad Astra and are looking forward to showcasing Astra Schedule in our new buildings.”

In the past, trustees named buildings after noted citizens like the Wilbur T. Billington, the college’s first Board of Trustees chair who’s name adorns the library.

Then they began naming buildings and rooms after donors. Yardley Hall, the college’s largest auditorium was named for Arthur and Alma Yardley, who gave a $1 million to the college.

Now they have taken the first steps on the slippery slope trading our college’s name and integrity for services they’d rather not purchase.

Instead of fighting it, perhaps I should advise trustee to become more focused in how they sell off our college.

Our new student health center could carry the moniker, the Tampax Tampon Student Health Center.

I envisioning our new 21st century library complete with a Red Bull Foyer named in exchange for product for those marathon study sessions.

A refurbished greenhouse could be called, The Funyuns® Onion and Wasabi Onion-Flavored Rings Greenhouse sponsored by Frito Lay, a division of PepsiCo.

According to the college, Ad Astra’s suite will house the campus scheduling office and the new director of conference services.

The suite is near the new, and as of yet unnamed, 5,000-square-foot conference space in the Regnier Center and the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

I’m thinking that I need to leave my mark on campus as well.

Is there an individual or company who’d like to sponsor the Miguel M. Morales urinal?

It would definitely be the most popular one on campus. Just think of all the administrators, former college presidents, donors, and trustees who would line up to use it -- even the women.

Here's the list of other named facilities at JCCC:
  1. Billington Library - In January 2001, trustees renamed the Educational Media Center the Billington Library to recognize one of the college’s founders, Wilbur Billington, chair of the college’s first board of trustees.
  2. Harvey S. and Beverly R. Bodker Executive Classroom – The Harvey S. and Beverly R. Bodker Executive Classroom in the Regnier Center (currently under construction) is for exclusive use by The Center for Business and Technology. The Bodkers served on the college’s Foundation board and fund the Beverly R. and Harvey S. Bodker Scholarship for Students of the Performing Arts at JCCC.
  3. Carlsen Center – In December 1998, trustees renamed the Cultural Education Center the Carlsen Center to honor of President Charles Carlsen. Carlsen was instrumental in the creation of the center. Carlsen resigned in 2006 after being accused of sexually harassing several female employees. The building currently still bears his name.
  4. Barton P. Cohen and Mary D. Cohen Gallery - The Barton P. Cohen and Mary D. Cohen Gallery in the Nerman Museum (currently under construction) was a gift from the Cohens.
  5. Craig Community Auditorium - In May 2004, trustees renamed the 240-seat auditorium in the General Education Building the Craig Community Auditorium in honor of Ben and Evadean Craig. Ben Craig was one of the college’s founders.
  6. Barbara Gill Lifetime Fitness Center - Trustees named the Lifetime Fitness Center in the Gymnasium after Barbara Gill, an instructor, coach and fitness advocate at JCCC, who was instrumental in the creation of the center.
  7. Hiersteiner Child Development Center - In December 2003, trustees renamed the Children’s Center the Hiersteiner Child Development Center in honor of benefactors Walter and Jean Hiersteiner.
  8. M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Auditorium - In March 2004, trustees named the auditorium in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (currently under construction) after M.R. and Evelyn Hudson, in recognition of a gift from the M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation.
  9. Virginia Krebs Community Room - In 2002, trustees renamed the Visitors Center the Virginia Krebs Community Room in honor of Virginia Krebs, the college’s first employee, a past director of Community Services and a current trustee.
  10. Lichtor Conference Room - In December 2004, trustees named the conference room in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (currently under construction) after Margery Lichtor, a long-time supporter of the college, the JCCC Foundation and the college’s Gallery of Art.
  11. Robert F. Lydel Conference Room - In June 2007, trustees renamed the Kansas Room after Lytle who was instrumental in establishing the college in 1967-69 and served as the college’s legal counsel for almost 40 years. He was also a member of the JCCC Foundation board of directors. Lytle died in spring 2007.
  12. McCaffree Gallery - In December 2004, trustees named the focus gallery in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (currently under construction) after the McCaffree family. They support a scholarship program.
  13. Jerome and Margaret Nerman Sculpture Garden - In January 2006, Lewis Nerman asked trustees to name the lawn in front of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (currently under construction) the Jerome and Margaret Nerman Sculpture Garden after his parents.
  14. Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art - In August 2003, the college received a gift from the Nerman family to support the construction of a museum of contemporary art.
  15. Oppenheimer New Media Gallery - In 2004, trustees named the new media gallery in the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art (currently under construction) after Tony and Marti Oppenheimer. The Oppenheimer Collection, composed of works by nationally and internationally recognized contemporary artists, will be part of the new museum.
  16. Polsky Theatre - In October 2004, trustees renamed 400-seat theatre in the Carlsen Center was named Polsky Theatre because of the Polsky's contribution to the college’s capital campaign and their funding of the Polsky Practical Personal Enrichment Series.
  17. Regnier Center - In June 2003, the college received a $5 million challenge gift from the Victor and Helen Regnier Charitable Foundation to support construction of a new technology complex on campus, to be known as the Regnier Center.
  18. Shull Foyer - In December 2004, trustees named the foyer of the Regnier Center (currently under construction) after Dick and Barbara Shull, long-time supporters of the college and the JCCC Foundation.
  19. Hugh W. Speer Board Room - The room used for board of trustees meetings, GEB 137, was named after Hugh W. Speer, who served on the board of trustees from its inception in 1969 to his death in 1996.
  20. Tearney Art Education Center - In August 2005, trustees named the Tearney Art Education Center in the Nerman Museum (currently under construction) after Jim and Mary Tearney.
  21. Jerry Vincent Hospitality Suite - In 2002, trustees named the kitchens used by the chef apprentice program in the Office and Classroom Building after Jerry Vincent to recognize his development of the chef apprentice and hospitality management programs.
  22. Yardley Hall - In 1991, trustees named the 1,250-seat auditorium in the Carlsen Center after Arthur and Alma Yardley, who gave a $1 million gift to JCCC to support the performing arts.

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