June 18, 2007

Breaking News: Hail to the Chief

From the Johnson County Community College e-mail list server, InfoList:

From: InfoList [mailto:infolist@list.jccc.net]
Sent: Mon 06/18/07 7:58 AM
To: InfoList
Subject: A message from Dr. Calaway

Although I’ve attended many college activities the last few months, today is my first official day as president of Johnson County Community College. And the first thing I wanted to do is tell you all how happy I am to be here. This is a great college. But we all know a college isn’t great because of the president – it’s great because of all the people here. Please know my door is open, my phone is connected and my e-mail is working. Communication with students, faculty and staff is important to me, and I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with all of you this summer.

Terry Calaway