June 7, 2007

TIME OUT: Pimp'd

Don't expect Roy Peter Clark, vice president and senior scholar of Poynter Institute, to bust in your dorm room looking like Flava Flav.

But his latest entry in his Writing Tools, column makes me wish he would.

Clark begins by examining archetypes using reality TV. He examines "American Idol"and "Extreme Makeover." Clark also mentions "The Antiques Road Show," which isn't very pimpy of him but I guess that's his demographic.

Most writing coaches name their bag of tricks "toolbox," "notebook," or something fitting but not terribly clever.

Full disclosure: I call mine "Time Out," to play off the concept of being a coach. Yeah, I know -- lame.

I like the title "Pimp my Writing" because it speaks to an entirely new generation of journalists.

Illustration: Jeremy Gilbert/The Poynter Institute