January 2, 2007

Mr. Morales Goes to Washington

I've been accepted into the National Press Foundation's An Introduction to Washington for College Journalists program Jan 25-28. I'm eager to learn how to better link national issues to my campus and local area.

Last October, I attended the NFP's Opening Washington's File Cabinet session at the ACP conference in St. Louis. I had heard about that session and knew it was only open to professionals. So when I heard they were adapting it for students, I jumped at the chance.

Now for this program, we're supposed to visit the Pentagon. I don't think I'll get the security clearance since I have an arrest for Civil Disobedience from a protest I attended at the White House a few years back.

I'm not much for sightseeing. However, I want to visit the Newseum and the Student Press Law Center. I should try to take advantage of the visit and grab a few interviews for a few freelance articles or content for The Lexicon.