September 10, 2007

NEWS: JCCC Restructures

JCCC's new president revamps college structure.

Terry Calaway, JCCC president, posted a message on JCCC's Infolist notifying the campus' 2543 employees of upcoming changes.

From: InfoList
Sent: Mon 09/10/07 1:16 PM
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Subject: A Message from Dr. Calaway

To: JCCC Faculty & Staff
From: Terry Calaway
Subject: Organizational Structure

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you all on a great start to the fall 2007 term and to wish you well for a successful academic year. Certainly the future of the college is very bright as we all work together to create quality learning opportunities for our students and ourselves in this unsurpassed learning community.

As I discussed during our fall in-service program, I have spent my first 10 weeks at the college assessing institutional strengths and weaknesses. I have reviewed a significant number of institutional documents and met with better than 200 members of our college team and dozens of individuals from our external community in an effort to gather as much input as possible in setting our course for the future. At this stage I believe I have a good sense of the myriad of opportunities at hand and believe we need to make some adjustments in our organizational structure if we are to move ahead at the pace we have come to expect at JCCC. With that in mind I wish to share several organizational enhancements with you that will take effect immediately, and then in the next 10 days I will share a draft timeline of organizational study that will occur this year.

First, as I mentioned during in-service, I have found that our college needs to put in place a systematic process to identify and develop needed policies, processes and procedures. As an AQIP organization, and one which wishes to be renowned for quality, it is important that we collaboratively develop and measure processes which are key to student and organizational success. To that end I have asked Ms. Dorothy Friedrich to assume the role of Vice President of Policy and Strategic Initiatives. In this role she will work directly with me and a group of constituency representatives in development and documentation of processes designed to continuously improve operations. Additionally, Ms. Friedrich will work with me in development of future strategies the college will consider regarding campus design, organization and public policy.

To assure continuity in the human resources operation, I have asked Dr. Judy Korb to assume the vice president leadership responsibility for the human resource function of the college. In this new role I have asked Dr. Korb to place major emphasis on refocusing our human resource function as an advocate of the administration and, equally important, all college employees. She will be working closely with constituency leadership to identify areas for enhancement of service. She will also be working to revitalize our college’s Leadership Development Institute. This program will be instrumental in preparing our college team for the future and establishing a pathway for internal personnel to begin to prepare for future job enrichment or promotion. Additionally, she will be working with the college’s constituency leadership teams in the design of a college diversity officer position. Both Dr. Korb and the diversity position will report directly to me and will be responsible for the development of processes and strategies designed to expand cultural proficiency and civility within the institution. I expect the diversity position will be one which enhances our employee and student recruitment processes, advises on ways we may enmesh expanded diversity strategies into our college culture and serves in an advisory role in curriculum areas desiring or in need of enmeshing cultural diversity issues into the classroom.

Next I have identified, and many of you have corroborated, the need for the college to provide expanded support to our evening and weekend program faculty and students. To that end, I have asked Dr. Lin Knudson to move to a new position of Dean, Evening/Weekend Programs. In this role she will design infrastructure support to our adjunct faculty and all individuals who provide learning opportunities beyond our regular working hours. She, along with a support team, will work with employee development to design and carry out adjunct training and development and other support mechanisms they determine to be of need. Dr. Knudson will report to Vice President Rhinehart.

Finally, I have asked Dr. Wayne Brown to take on added responsibility for Campus Safety. Dr. Brown has extensive experience in the area of law enforcement and public safety, and we will use his talents along with those of our very fine safety team to determine what safety enhancements will be required for the college in the future. I have also decided to adjust Dr. Brown’s title to Executive Vice President of Administration; this title is more reflective of his role and future responsibilities.

As we move throughout the year, I look forward to working with our faculty, staff and administrative leadership in a complete review of the college structure. We also, as part of our accreditation process, will be expected to review the institutional vision, mission and value statements of the college. Please be aware that I intend to hold regular town hall meetings to gather input from everyone interested in participation. Your input is important. Additionally, these meetings will be used as a communication mechanism to keep all employees in the loop regarding the direction we are heading. The next town hall meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 11, from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in CC 211.