September 13, 2007

TIME OUT: Online Freebie

Here's a freebie from Poynter's News University that will help new advisers, editors and editorial board members. Like many of NewsU's courses, it's free!

Now that you're in charge of a youth staff for your newspaper, how do you turn your inexperienced team into a savvy journalistic machine?

This course will help you become a better youth editor by becoming a better trainer. You'll explore different methods for training youth journalists. Or start with our Coach's Challenge simulation, picking up your clipboard and whistle to give feedback to a virtual staffer. Along the way, you'll get pointers from colleagues and a library of resources to help you and your staff.

How long will it take? "Coaching Tomorrow's Journalists" takes about one to two hours to complete. You can access the course on your own schedule, starting and stopping at your convenience. And you can come back anytime once you enroll.

Cost? This course is available at no cost to registered users of News University.