November 9, 2007

INFOLIST: Equipped for AQIP

This was posted on the college's electronic mail server, Infolist on Oct. 29.

A Message from Dr. Calaway about AQIP

The AQIP systems portfolio will be sent to the Higher Learning Commission today. I want to thank all of you for your help in the development of that document. The faculty and staff members on the committee spent many hours interviewing people across campus. Several of you also helped read a draft of the document earlier this month, and the committee was able to incorporate many of your suggestions.

Just to refresh your memory, the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) provides an alternative process through which an educational institution can maintain its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. JCCC is part of AQIP, which calls upon institutions to undergo a systems appraisal every four years. This allows us to get expert, objective, third-party feedback on our strengths and opportunities for improvement. In turn, what we learn from the systems appraisal will help us determine our next targets for advancing quality at JCCC through action projects and other plans.

The final portfolio submitted to AQIP will also be posted online, where it can serve as a reference for college students, faculty and staff and the community. In February, the college will receive feedback from AQIP appraisers regarding what they see as the college’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. That summary too will be posted online.

Thank you for your assistance with this important project.

Terry Calaway

Click here to access JCCC's AQIP PowerPoint presentation.

Click here to access JCCC's AQIP portfolio submitted Nov. 1