November 12, 2007

NEWS: Tyree is no Retiree

Another Turn at Interim

Former JCCC Interim President Larry Tyree takes the helm of another Kansas community college

by Miguel M. Morales

The chance to help heal a campus community brought Larry Tyree back to Kansas.

Johnson County Community College's former interim president was one of four final candidates for the director of Arkansas' Department of Higher Education when Independence Community College President Terry Hetrick died suddenly of a heart attack Oct. 5.

Tyree withdrew from consideration Oct. 30 to assume the interim position ICC trustees offered. Tyree began serving as Interim President Nov. 12.

"He started work this morning and we already love him," said Lois Lessman, director of Human Resources and Public Relations for ICC.

"He speaks very well of Kansas and so I know that his experience at Johnson County must have been a good one for him as well," she added.

JCCC trustees hired Tyree in July 2006 after President Charles Carlsen abruptly resigned when the student newspaper, The Campus Ledger, published allegations that he sexually harassed an employee. Carlsen denied the allegations though an independent investigation uncovered other alleged victims.

Tyree served as JCCC interim president through May 2007.

After returning to his home in Sarasota, Fla, Tyree joined the Executive
Advisory Board of Campus Works, Inc.

Tyree said he will serve as ICC's interim president until June 2008 when trustees name and seat a permanent replacement.

"He’s so kind and yet I can already see that he has great strength," Lessman said. "I’m really thrilled that he was able to join us. "

ICC is located approximately two and a half hours south of JCCC in Montgomery County, Kan. near the Kansas-Oklahoma state line.