December 6, 2007

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JCCC ventures into KU territory
Desperately Seeking Students

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By Miguel M. Morales

Johnson County Community College will offer late start classes in Lawrence, Kan. beginning Jan. 30.

The college’s venture into Douglas County comes at the request of University of Kansas and the Douglas County Career and Technical Education Consortium. A 40-member task force featuring these groups, the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce and Lawrence Public Schools began meeting in 2004.

“JCCC’s focus in Lawrence is on technical/vocational education and workforce training that does not duplicate what KU offers,” said Bill Osborn, dean of Community Outreach and Media Resources.

Officials form the community college said the initial course offerings will focus on basics such as Fundamentals of Math, Introduction to Writing, Job Search Skills, Career Life Planning, and Workplace Skills. The college will also offer Business Math, Technical Math, Industrial Safety, and Certified Nurse Aide and Certified Medication Aide labs.

Lawrence joins Eudora as the second location in Douglas County for JCCC’s outreach program, College Close to Home (CCH). The college has eight CCH sites throughout Johnson County.

JCCC College Close to Home locations

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“The College Close to Home site in Douglas County is a huge benefit to the Lawrence business community, the Lawrence Public Schools and its students, and, ultimately, to Johnson County Community College,” said Loralee Stevens, assistant dean, Community Outreach for Credit Instruction.

KU ventured into Johnson County in 1993 with the Edward’s Campus just south of JCCC. Since then, the two institutions have developed a symbiotic relationship with JCCC renting class space at the Edwards Campus.

The two institutions along with Kansas State University are working to develop a research triangle in Johnson County.

JCCC will offer it’s courses at the Lawrence Virtual School also known as the Centennial School. For more information, contact Loralee Stevens at 913-469-8500, ext. 2750.