January 15, 2008


Walking on the Ledge:
Civil Disorder

by Miguel M. Morales

Not being on the student newspaper, The Campus Ledger, this year, I've noticed the lack of campus news -- I mean substantial, sink-your-teeth-into news. I spoke with the new news editor and he assures me that new news is on the way.

I shared with him that the big news story at the college this academic year comes in the form of a chaotic reorganization effort (and the slightly smaller but still important story of the effects this reorganization has on the college's Faculty Association).

So in support of my theory, here's something a source sent to me this morning:
Good Morning,

The general membership of the faculty association met yesterday and a motion concerning the membership of the listserv was forwarded and unanimously passed. The call was for the listserv to include all members of the bargaining unit and to exclude members of the administration. While this wasn't part of the official motion, it is thought that excluding members of administration is simply a means to promote candid communication on critical issues and it is still possible to copy individuals on relevant, timely topics.

By the time I send another message to the list, the membership of the listserv will be updated accordingly.

Mike Martin
Faculty gives admins the boot
Until now, the Faculty Association's listserve included administrators and the college's Board of Trustees.

The fact that a vote -- a unanimous vote -- passed to exclude them hints at the climate around here.

I understand this move by the Faculty Association leaders who simply want to ensure protection for members who communicate candid and critical information.

However, with the college's leadership professing a new era of civility and a policy that's "hard on problems but easy on people," what exactly do faculty members need to be protected from?

Clearly, the answer comes in who they are excluding -- the administration.