February 13, 2008

NEWS: Write On!

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WGA members pen happy ending to Internet battle

Today most of the Writer's Guild of America members went back to work ending a 100-day strike.

More than 3,700 WGA members voted Feb. 12 on a proposal to accept a new contract. In the end, 92 percent voted to approve the deal.

The strike caused cancellation of the Golden Globes and threatened the upcoming Academy Awards telecast. The strike is also estimated to have cost more than 3.2 billion dollars in lost local revenue for the city of Los Angeles.

As part of the new contract, producers agree to pay writers for shows that stream full episodes and exclusive content via the Internet.

Saturday Night Live will be one of the first shows to return with Tina Fey, former head writer and cast member, hosting. Fey's show, "30 Rock" will also return with five new episodes in April.