March 14, 2008

INFOLIST: Cops Gone Wild?

With students on spring break will

Overland Park Police conduct an "active shooter" training for JCCC public safety officers Dec. 19, 2007.
Photo by John Young, courtesy of The Campus Ledger

Visitors to campus next week will find the Overland Park's finest flashing -- their badges.

According to a posting on the college's electronic mail server, Infolist, it's all part of of an officer's training that will take place during spring break.

Over spring break the Overland Park Police Department will be conducting some officers’ driving training on campus in the Train, Clock West and Clock East lots.

Last December, the OPPD conducted an "active shooter" training on campus in the Carlsen Center for the college's public safety officers.

Also in December the Board of Trustees agreed to place an OPPD officer on campus starting January 2008 for trail period of six months.

In February, the Board of Trustees approved purchasing bullet-proof vests, OC (pepper) spray and a batons along with two fully-equipped police vehicles.

Despite these actions, the college maintains it has not decided on whether to allowing public safety officers to carry weapons or if it will create a college police force.