March 12, 2008

WTF: Abhorred Award

Last week, I purchased this award from the Salvation Army in Olathe, Kan. for $1.99 (plus tax).

Winning an award is great but being given an unsolicited award for a job well-done is priceless -- especially when it comes from students. I hope it was some sort of mistake but I can't imagine how this ended up in a thrift store.

What is wrong with this place?? I can't even ... why would ... I mean ... what the hell?

I don't even know if I want to give it back.


OK so I e-mailed someone from the the Reading department about the award. She contacted me and said the award could have ended up at the thrift store after a former facilitator for the
Academic Achievement Center, which houses Reading dept, passed away. It could have also been some disorganized or disgruntled former employee. Who knows?

She also said a professor emeritus is completing a Senior Scholar project which includes documenting the history of the department.

I hope the tale of the abandoned award will be included as well as some recommendations (for the entire campus) on how to keep track of awards so this doesn't happen again. I'd be awfully upset if I walked into Goodwill to find The Ledger's All-Kansas award in a pile of rusted silverware.

I'll hand over the goods to her sometime this week.