May 15, 2008

NEWS: Graffiti Update

Student says college's call for 'extra sets of eyes' put him in security's focus

Bartholomew Klick, a student at Johnson County Community College and former reporter for The Campus Ledger, stepped forward as the student who reported the latest graffiti incident.

According to Klick's blog the college's public safety officers questioned him in a rather aggressive manner.
The school gestapo came after I reported it and collected all of my personal info. I have nothing to hide and no real reluctance about answering questions such as, "Where do you live?" and "what is your phone number?" -- but I can't help feel like they had no real reason to ask me about that and not bother to ask me questions relevant to the issue.
Klick said he understood the concern but wondered if the manner of questioning might dissuade him and others from reporting similar incidents in the future.

May 7 a posting on the college's electronic mail server, Infolist asked for volunteers to act as "extra sets of eyes" to help catch the person or persons responsible for the threats.
Read the post here.