May 23, 2008

NEWS: Hodge Conjecture

No, the math problem known as the Hodge Conjecture hasn't been answered but conjecture about Benjamin Hodge, Johnson County Community College trustee, has been.

Hodge announced May 22 his intention to run for Kansas State Senate in Johnson County's 8th district. Hodge resigned his seat in the Kansas House as 49th district representative at the end of the veto session earlier this year.

Many speculated Hodge would run against Democratic incumbent Sue Storm for the 22nd district representative seat in the House. Yet Hodge's announcement has him seeking the seat of Barbra Allen, Republican, who will not run for reelection.

According to Hodge's press release, he intends to file today but as of 7 pm, the Johnson County election webpage failed to list him. The Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz reports that three other Republicans are considering vying for the seat as well.

Part of Hodge's platform focuses on taxpayer lobbyists.

"All across the state, government bodies hire lobbyists at taxpayer expense," Hodge said in the release. "These lobbyists then work against the interests of taxpayers. This practice needs to stop."

However, the JCCC Board of Trustees employs a lobbyist for Johnson County Community College.

Read Hodge's announcement here.