August 21, 2008

NEWS: All-Facutly Meeting notes

Posted Monday on the Johnson County Community College electronic mail server on behalf of Dr. Marilyn Rhinehart, Vice President of Instruction (The first section numbered 1-9 is fairly boring. Actually, the whole thing kinda is but it does address the reorganization, budget and renovations):
I hope everyone is off to a good semester! It is hard to believe it is the middle of August. Please take the time to read this lengthy message, for it is full of information about what has been and will be happening in the Instructional Area. If you have any questions, email me.

For those who did not or could not attend the all-faculty meeting on August 13, I wanted to be sure you were aware of the presentations and certain information on reorganization in the Instructional Area to date. With the exception of the welcome/introductions, faculty or staff requested the opportunity to make the presentations below and thus set the agenda. If you have any questions or want more information, contact the person whose name is listed next to the agenda item. Information on reorganization is interspersed throughout the material below.

(1) Welcome/Introductions

The following new full-time faculty were introduced. Some are filling positions that have been vacated; others are filling new positions. A few were hired mid-year in the last fiscal year. The list includes: Barry Bailey (Digital Librarian); Eve Blobaum (Sociology); Michael Carter (Information systems); Rosalee Dallman (Sociology); Damon Feurborn (Drafting); Asiya Foster-Nelson (Early Childhood Education); Frank Galbrecht (Administration of Justice); Bethany Graves (Industrial Technology); Darla Green (Interior Design); Cade Hamilton (Speech and Asst. Debate Coach); Melanie Harvey (Science); Kim Johnson (BOT); Nathan Jones (English); Tara Myers (Nursing); Jay Nadlman (Legal Studies); Mioshi Neal (Railroad/Welding); Rochelle Quinn (Nursing); Vivian Reinhard (Math); Edward Ronnebaum (Nursing); Judy Runser (Dental Hygiene); Chad Sanner (Polysomnography); Richard Schroder (Health Occupations); Heather Seitz (Science); Ken Sissom (Administration of Justice); Larry Weaver (Science); Michael Clark (Science); Tina Crawford (Business Law); Susan Huseman (Nursing); Lisa Parra (Reading/AAC); Angela Sears (Nursing). We also celebrated the life of Dr. Betty Bullock, who passed away on Monday, August 11. Minnie Adams’ new title is Director Career Pathways and Cooperative Programs (that we have with Metro CCD). Judy Korn joined the Library staff in a new supervisory position. We still have a few positions to fill!

(2) Faculty Summer Think Tank—Linda Creason was the emcee for this group and its new initiative. This group has distributed an email to which a number of you have responded already about a new standing committee called the Teaching, Learning, and Engagement Committee (TLEC).

(3) Reading Across the Curriculum: My Final Sabbatical Leave—Andrea Kempf

(4) The Academic Majors Fair—Mary Jean Billingsley

(5) The Kansas Post Secondary Technical Education Authority (TEA) and YOU—Bill Osborn

(6) Campaign 2008 Presidential Academic Seminar—Patti Ward

(7) JCCC Scholars Space—Judi Guzzy and Barry Bailey

(8) ANGEL (the new Learning Management System that will replace Blackboard)—Monica Hogan and Ed Lovitt

(9) Faculty Association Announcements—Mike Martin

Information on Reorganization:
The Reorganization Task Force Steering Committee approved the launching this summer of the search for several new deans and the start up of chair positions in Sociology and History in 2008-2009. FA President Mike Martin and I worked together to solicit faculty and staff to serve on the healthcare professions/wellness, business, technology, and distance learning search committees.

(1) Dr. Clarissa Craig was selected to lead the Healthcare Professions and Wellness Division (which includes not only cosmetology and our healthcare programs but also HPER faculty Susan Brown, Debbie Carrier, Joe Weis, Steve Javorek, Lori Mallory, Jill Stinson and Assistant Dean Dr. Dave Burgess).

(2) The search committees for Dean of the Technology Division and Dean of the Business Division are in the midst of their work as is the search committee for an assistant dean of Distance Learning.

(3) Stu Shafer is the new chair for Sociology and reports to the LA division dean. The History Department will begin its “start up” with the selection of a chair in the spring, 2009.

The Dean of Curriculum and Academic Quality position (Curriculum Coordinator Debby Hassur will work with this dean, but no faculty are in the reporting line) will be posted shortly, and review of applications will begin at the end of this month.

Currently, Csilla Duneczky is serving as interim assistant dean for the Sciences. Jeff Frost is serving as interim assistant dean for Math. Andy Anderson is serving as interim assistant dean for English and Journalism. Richard Fort is serving as interim assistant dean for Industrial Technology. Ruth Randall is serving as interim dean for Liberal Arts (which at the moment includes Math and Sciences). Bill Brown is serving as interim dean for the Business & Technology Division (until it is divided with the selection of the deans noted above). Patti Ward is continuing as the interim Honors facilitator.

What we called the Dean, Evening and Weekend Programs previously is now the Dean, Academic Support Division, which Dr. Lin Knudson continues to lead. The Library, Media Production, Educational Technology Center, distant learning, and evening/weekend programs are in the division, and Lin also oversees the ITP process and use of Astra schedule and Platinum Analytics for the Instructional Area. Alan Swarts has joined the division as the director of accelerated programs.

Larry Able will be moving to the Police Academy and report to Dr. Jerry Wolfskill to join continuing education opportunities for law enforcement personnel with the training of newly hired law enforcement officers who must complete the Police Academy successfully to remain officers with the local municipalities, sheriff’s department, and other agencies.

The Reorganization Task Force Steering Committee will begin meeting again soon to continue its work on the next steps that will be taken in the Instructional Area. Stay tuned!

Information on Budget for 2008-2009
  • The amount of travel money for full-time faculty professional development in the Instructional Area will be increased from $450/FT faculty member to $550/FT faculty member with formal approval of the legal budget by the Board of Trustees on August 19. This will take a little time because of the number of areas to which funds must be distributed.
  • Approximately $175,000 in funds to meet current supply budget needs and increases in the cost of a variety of services that affect the Library, the welding program, the new polysomnography program, the nursing program, the Lawrence Centennial High School where a new outreach initiative has begun, and a host of others areas was added to the budget as well as additional funds for media classrooms.

Remodeling/Renovation for Instructional Area either completed or near completion.
This has been a massive project.

OCB 272, 261, and 204 offices primarily for adjunct faculty use
SCI 224 (for full-time and adjunct faculty)
Language Resource Center
Library Archives
CC 214 for two offices
COM 201 (Honors and Service Learning space)
Police Academy and Police Academy Expansion (the latter for ADMJ)
GEB 238 and 240 for classrooms
Patient Simulation Lab (CLB)

More to come later.