August 21, 2008

NEWS: Trustee Meeting

Posted yesterday on Johnson County Community College's electronic mail server, Infolist:
The JCCC board of trustees met for their regular monthly meeting August 19.

Lobbyist’s report
Dick Carter, the college’s lobbyist, discussed legislative interim committee activities, work with the congressional delegation, and what might be expected in the 2009 legislative session.

Awards and recognition
  • Pete Belk, admissions director, and Janelle Vogler, director, auditing services, were recognized for successfully completing the two-year Chair Academy program for leadership training and development.
  • Dining Services was honored for the gold medal they won in the Catering-Special Event category of the National Association of College and University Food Services 2008 Dining Awards. They received first prize among mid-size colleges and universities for their work at the Nerman opening gala.
  • Student Nathan Grosch won a second-place award in the League for Innovation national student literary competition.
  • Student Holly Petermann was named a Phi Theta Kappa Leader of Promise, one of only 30 students nationwide to be selected for the honor.
The board conducted a public hearing regarding the college’s budget. The purpose of the hearing is to allow taxpayers to object to the proposed use of funds and the amount of tax to be levied, and for the board to consider amendments. However, no one came forward to speak and the hearing was concluded.
The board then approved the college’s 2008-2009 operating budget. The budget is $142,917,552, an increase of 7.5 percent over 2007-2008’s total of $132,928,376.
In this budget, the mill levy assessed for the college will not change for 2008-2009 but will remain the same, at 8.749 mills. However, the cost-per-credit-hour for students will increase by $2 for Kansas residents and $5 for students from outside the state. Johnson County residents will pay $65 a credit hour this fall, Kansas residents $80 a credit hour and nonresidents $149 a credit hour.
The budget also includes the renewal of an annual capital outlay mill levy of one-half mills each year for a period of five years for equipment, construction, repair and remodeling of facilities.
The college anticipates a 7 percent increase in state aid in 2008-2009. Assessed valuation in the county is expected to increase by 1 percent.
The college’s 2008-2009 operating budget reflects several new full-time positions, including faculty in polysomnography, dental hygiene, administration of justice, marketing and management, sociology, English, interior design, life science, architecture, and counseling. Also included are staff in coaching, hospitality management, automotive technology, media production, the Science Resource Center, financial aid, college information, the business office, housekeeping, campus police, the Intercultural Center, and Information Services.
Operating costs are again limited to an increase of 2 percent, except in areas where greater increases could not be controlled, such as utilities and insurance. Capital expenses fund an extension of the dental hygiene and EMS facilities in the Science building and the completion of renovations to the Police Academy.
The college’s legal budget will now be filed with the county.

Philosophy of compensation
The board adopted this philosophy of compensation:
The members of the board of trustees at Johnson County Community College recognize that learning success is dependent on the recruitment and retention of highly qualified employees. The board subscribes to a philosophy of compensation that recognizes the value and contributions of each employee to the success and purpose of our educational institution. The board defines and supports policies that promote fairness, recognition of achievement, responsibility and accountability of all college employees. In addition, the board also believes that the working environment should encourage creativity and exploration of new ideas based on the premise that innovation is often achieved through incremental, strategic risk-taking. Further, it is acknowledged that while monetary compensation and tangible benefits are basic to the well-being of all employees, other mechanisms for recognition of achievement will be utilized to demonstrate the college’s commitment to valuing employees.
With respect to full-time employees, the board of trustees has historically supported and will continue to support compensation that has the following components: salary, a comprehensive benefits package, professional development opportunities and employee award and recognition programs.

Other action
  • Dr. Vin Clark, past president of the Faculty Association, commended Lynn Mitchelson, past board chair, for his service as chair the past two years.
  • The board approved a proposal from Sungard Higher Education to modify the JCCC instance of the Banner enterprise resource planning system to allow the college to record a student’s declaration of a major, which has become critical to ensure state funding. The total expenditure is not to exceed $216,000.
  • The board approved a bid from Delta Innovative Services to repair the northeast section of the roof of GEB. The total expenditure is not to exceed $259,927.
  • The board approved a bid from H&R Lawn and Landscape, Inc., for landscaping at the Police Academy. The total expenditure is not to exceed $138,351.
  • The board approved a lease agreement with KU Edwards Campus for the use of classrooms for the 2008-2009 academic year for the sum of $30,000.
  • The board approved the issuance of credit cards for seven JCCC administrators.
  • The board approved the working agenda for the Human Resources committee and the renewal of a contract with Lewis & Ellis to provide consulting services for employee benefits.
  • The board approved bids for police uniforms, bus transportation for the college’s athletic teams, outdoor furniture, temporary employment services for the bookstore, fine and coarse paper, and chemical cleaners.
Next meeting
The next meeting of the JCCC board of trustees is at 5 p.m. Sept. 18 in the Hugh W. Speer Board Room, 137 GEB. Board of trustee meetings are open to the public. For more details, see a copy of the board packet at
The board will meet in retreat from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27. The board’s regular meeting on Oct. 16 will begin at 4 p.m., followed by a workshop.