October 28, 2008

COMMENTARY: J Advice for new Prez

Guarding our Watchdogs

Frank LoMonte, director of the Student Press Law Center penned a terrific column on the Education Advice for the New President blog.
In the column, "Protect Student Journalism," LoMonte wrote that today's student journalists face more challenges and carry more responsibility.

"With professional journalism outlets slashing staff, the watchdog role of student journalists in holding our schools accountable for their performance is more important than ever," he wrote.

I've made a few emergency calls to SPLC while a staffer on the student newspaper The Campus Ledger. I wouldn't have been able to investigate and publish my 13-month investigative story on the allegations of sexual harassment against my college president, who immediately stepped down and retired when the story broke.

Student journalists give voice to the campus community and ensure public business takes place in public. Thank goodness there is an organization like SPLC that strives to ensure the rights and voices of student journalists.

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