April 9, 2008

AWARDS: All-State, Again

From the college's electronic mail server, Infolist:

The Campus Ledger was named the best student newspaper in its division at a state journalism conference April 6-7 in Wichita. The student newspaper of Johnson County Community College was given the All-Kansas award by the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press for the second year in a row. To receive the award, the paper must score outstanding marks in all categories judged, including writing, visuals and design, based on three issues from the 2007-08 academic year. The editor of The Campus Ledger, Alexia Stout-Lang, was named first runner-up in the Journalist of the Year contest and received $100 from the Kansas Press Association.

Members of The Campus Ledger also received 24 individual awards, including six first-place certificates. Nathan Lang, former online editor, won first place in headline writing and news photography, and sports editor Stephen Montemayor won first place in sports-column writing and second place in sports features. Artist Juniper Tanpuz took first in illustration and both second and honorable mention in cartoons. The adviser is Anne Christiansen-Bullers. Individual awards included:

First place – Nathan Lang, headline writing and news photography; Justin Millard, sports feature; Stephen Montemayor, sports-column writing; Miguel Morales [emphasis added], column writing; Juniper Tangpuz, illustration.

Second Place – Katherine Kramer, interior-page design; Stephen Montemayor, sports feature; Miguel Morales, column writing and news writing; Juniper Tanpuz, cartoons.

Third Place – Matt Galloway, feature writing.

Honorable Mention – Campus Ledger Staff, news writing; the team of Jennifer Hallock, Alexia Stout-Lang, Linda Friedel, Miguel Morales and Stephen Montemayor, special section; Matt Galloway, sports feature and news writing; Katherine Kramer, interior-page design; Justin Millard, sports news; Stephen Montemayor, sports feature; the team of Miguel Morales and Kevin Mimms, news writing; Miguel Morales, headline writing; Alexia Stout-Lang, column writing and review writing; Juniper Tangpuz, cartoons.

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