April 10, 2008

NEWS: Hodge Resigns

Benjamin Hodge resigns his position as Kansas' 49th District Rep.

During the Sept. 21, 2006 Board of Trustee meeting, Benjamin Hodge, trustee, questions a representative of the Faculty Association. The FA contended that presidential search committee, which Hodge co-chaired, violated Kansas law.
The Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz reports that Johnson County Trustee, Ben Hodge will resign his seat as representative of Kansas' 49th District.

According to The Star, Hodge will resign at the end of the month when he moves out of the district. The Star speculates Hodge may seek a seat in the more powerful Kansas state senate.

Hodge started serving the college in 2005. His term ends in 2009. There is no word if he plans to resign this position as well.