April 3, 2008


My contacts at NAHJ have passed along an e-mail from Edgar Ochoa, original programming director for America Online:

Here is the link to the program that will be needing a host beginning in May http://music.aol.com/top11.

Although this link is in English, I am primarily looking for someone to take over as the Spanish host. The girl in the currently link does it in Spanish also. If the person is perfectly bilingual that would be great and perhaps they can do the AOL and the AOL Latino version. But Spanish is the priority.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to build a reel and who knows this could lead to bigger things here internally.

FYI: this host also writes the script. It would be great to find someone who could host and write their own script. There may be some budget but it will not weekend cash at most.

Thanks for your help.
You can contact him here.

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