April 28, 2008

NEWS: Library Woes

Billington Burdens
For students and employees in the Billington Library a new building won't come soon enough

A student exits the library via a flooded hallway, April 2

This weekend students and staff learned that water damage along the south side of the building has given way to a termite infestation (see image below, right). An unfortunate student made the discovery as she watched a video. The the pesky pests went from crawling on the walls to crawling on her. This is not the first time termites have turned up in the library.

Enthusiastic voters also scrawled Obama graffiti in the first floor men's restroom inside the library. Pieces of recently purchased furniture sit broken next to the library's suggestion box. And earlier this month, a women's restroom outside the library flooded the the first floor hallway.

In February, Clark Enerson consultants made a presentation to the Board of Trustees on a 21st century library. Options include renovating the current structure, building a new library and renovating the current structure for class and offices or renovating the current structure and expanding it by building an addition. The 21st century library with a proposed $35 million budget could take 1 - 3 years depending on the options trustees select.

Watch the video presentation here.


Full Disclosure: Miguel Morales works in the Billington Library but did not serve as the sole source for this report