September 19, 2012

DAY 4: Hispanic Heritage Month 30 Day Challenge

What Latino Blog I recommend

I certainly recommend this one. However, if you like your blogs updated a little more frequently – like every day – then I suggest the premier Latino literature blog, La Bloga. I call it that because of the caliber of writers that contribute to it and the quality writers that it attracts as readers.

La Bloga

I first heard of La Blog when I attended my first AWP conference in Denver back in 2010. At that time I had no knowledge of Latino literature and I was rather ignorant of today’s latino writers – I kinda still am.

Some La Bloga contributors assume readers know who and what they’re writing about and others like to name drop. But just when I’m about to do a Liz Lemmon eye roll, I read a great post about a place I never thought Latinos would live much less write about. I read a Latino perspective about national writing event. I read about local, regional, and national gatherings of Latino writers and artists.

La Bloga has helped me recognize Latino writers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and, of course, in real life. I’ve also been fortunate to have La Bloga feature some of my work and the work I do with the Latino Writers Collective.

There are other Latino blogs I favor and will eventually populate them on my blogroll. However, there's one stagnant blog I keep hoping that Latino Jesus will resurrect.

350 pound man tries to lose weight

A Latino poet tries to loose weight and blogs his thought and poems. I found it to be an inspirational blog. Here's an example of one of the poetry posts:
by David Campos
Zeros begin to zig-zag the display
while my weight settles
when I step on the scale
and wait for an accurate measure.
I do this every day
with wishful thinking
it’ll read 10lbs lighter
but progress is slow
like the movement of my shadow
when I walk up the mountain
and the strides get shorter
and the breaths get heavier
and the sweat drips heavy
down my face, neck and back.
I thought about making a graph
marking my progress. My goal
like a far off dream. It’s daunting.
My shadow will always weigh the same.
I step onto the scale with fear.
The zeros slowly zig-zag the display
before stopping on its new number
like a declaration of independence.