October 15, 2006

Grievance: Round I

Dorothy Friedrich, vice president of Human Resources, denied a grievance I filled last April.
I filed it because as I was reporting the Carlsen story, Mark Ferguson,
the Board's attorney, and Susan Lindahl, vice president of College Information and Community Relations came to the library where I work as a part-time employee.
They had me leave my post and then they proceeded to grill me about what I knew of the allegations.
Ferguson asked me if I had a lawyer and made what I believe were other attempts to intimidate me into not writing the story.
My job in the library had nothing to do with my job as a reporter for The Campus Ledger. But that didn't stop either of them from abusing their power to protect Carlsen.
Incidentally, both Friedrich and Lindahl admitted knowing of the allegations of unlawful harassment against Carlsen. They also admitted doing nothing about it.
Read about my grievance
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