November 1, 2006

AWARD: First Amendment Grant

CMA awards The Campus Ledger First Amendment Grant
College Media Advisers awarded The Campus Ledger it's Ingelhart First Amendment Fund grant. The grant of $1,000 will allow The Ledger to hold a First Amendment week to coincide with "Sunshine Week" March 11-17, 2007. Earlier this summer, The Ledger earned a First Amendment award from the Society of Professional Jounrlaists.

From CMA:
In a time of world turmoil, some urge giving up basic rights to preserve security.
Others counter that what good is heightened security if we must give up the rights that are at the core of our freedom. It will not be easy to broaden everyone’s attitudes about the First Amendment, but it needs to be done. And, in the world of student media advising, with what many view as a challenge to the rights of our students and the erosion of their First Amendment protections, the time is now to provide educational outreach.

This is where CMA can help.

The grants will be awarded to CMA members to underwrite programs designed to elevate awareness of First Amendment freedoms on an individual campus. A total of Five (5) grant awards of up to $1,000 each will be awarded this year.

The Ingelhart First Amendment Fund was established by College Media Advisers Inc. and donors to educate students about freedoms protected by the First Amendment.

The fund is named for retired Ball State University journalism professor and First Amendment scholar Louis E. Ingelhart, who has dedicated much of his life to studying, writing about and teaching the First Amendment.