November 2, 2006

AWARD: Go for the GOLD!

The Ledger Named Gold Medalist
The Campus Ledger
, the student newspaper of Johnson County Community College, received a Gold Medalist rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association in a critique of its 2005-06 issues.

The Campus Ledger earned 966 of a possible 1,000 points.

The judge wrote, "You cover your campus very well … Nice reporting jobs on the President/harassment issues in the April 13 paper! Facts weren't sensationalized, but were documented and attributed correctly."

The judge also wrote, "You've clearly worked very hard to produce a fine, well-planned publication worthy of the 'Gold' desigation!"

The editors of the 2005-06 Ledger were Joshua Seiden, Matthew Walsh, Miguel Morales and Aaron Whitebread. The adviser was Anne Christiansen-Bullers.